Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Syria in 3 cartoons, la Syrie en 3 dessins

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Bassam said...

and thank you for this post.
I have one comment on the details of the first illustration.

The cover shows an F-16 plane dropping the barrels which is an american made jet that Syria does not have.
The artist could have used a neutral looking jet.

It might be transparent to many, but the F-16 is an icon of US, Nato and other western backed air forces and many people would just think your poster is aiming at western powers, especially if they do not understand the French title as mediocre as I do.

Thank you,

a mig 23 would fit better.

Fady Asly said...

I am sure that all those who can tell the difference difference between the sketch of an F16 and a MIG 23 are confined to their barracks and don't read Claude El Khal's blog! :)