Friday, June 17, 2016

If homosexuality is unnatural, why are there so many gay animals?

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Religions have labeled homosexuality as “unnatural”. An exclusively human deviance that needs to be straightened – pun intended. In many countries, and for many people, homosexuals are considered perverts, criminals that need to be punished. But how can homosexuality be unnatural and yet widely exist in nature? If Gays were really deviants, how come so many animals display homosexual behavior?

A fascinating documentary produced by Saint Thomas Productions, France 5, France 3, Canal+ and National Geographic sheds a well-needed light on homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

The producers of 'Animals like us: Animal Homosexuality' write on their website: "According to recent scientific research, more than 450 different kinds of animals engage in homosexual activity. St Thomas Productions has taken this research, and combined it with never-before-seen film footage, to produce this compelling and groundbreaking documentary. Animal Homosexuality explores the various ways homosexuality is expressed in the animal kingdom through courtships, affection, sex, pair-bonding and parenting."

Watch the full documentary:


Anonymous said...

Why do we need to justify homosexuality ? We don't !!! Religion promotes intolerance and fear to control people. What IS unnatural is religion's obsession with people's sex lives.

Anonymous said...

Le plus faible argument insensé de se fixer comme "repère comportemental et cognitif" de l'animal pour l'homme. Sans aucune connotation religieuse ou "morale" au sens de Nietzsche. Les psychanalystes objectent que cela abolit la liberté de choix, et transforme la sexualité en une chose mécanique et déterminée. Les psychanalystes contemporains cherchent toujours à interpréter l’homosexualité en connexion avec quelque intrigue familiale des premières années, non plus comme une chute ou une défaillance toutefois. Ils défendent « la dignité d’un choix inconscient quand bien même précoce.
Il ne suffit pas de crier au loup, il faut s'avoir s'armer de fusil...