Thursday, January 28, 2016

Absurd crusade against imaginary devils

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To the self-righteous inquisitors going on some absurd crusade against imaginary devil worshippers: why don’t you debunk the real evils instead?

If you don’t know which ones, here’s a little reminder list. Take your pick.

- Those responsible for turning the country into a garbage dumpster and refusing to clean the mess they created.

- Those sucking Lebanon dry, stealing public money and getting rich while the state is falling apart.

- Those denying medical treatment to people in need because they can’t afford pricey hospital fees.

- Those asking children to step out of their classroom and tell them they can’t resume their education before their parents pay the overpriced scholarship.

- Those abusing and beating their wife because some regressive law says they can.

- Those taking advantage of Lebanon’s extreme poverty to buy people’s loyalty.

- Those spreading sectarian hate every time they go on TV or make a public appearance.

- Those ready to plant bombs and kill people just to make a point or advance their political agenda.

- Those speaking in the name of God without proven and tangible mandate.

- Those treating foreign domestic workers like slaves, pushing so many of them to commit suicide.

There are many many more, but start with those listed above, then we could eventually talk about the rest. Yalla, why don’t you show us how righteous and how courageous you are?

Because you have to admit that going after teenagers listening to Metal, art pieces featuring horned animals or women practicing yoga is not only stupid but also very cowardly.

© Claude El Khal, 2016

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