Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March8 and March14 unite against the mosquito invasion

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After a 10-hour-long marathon meeting, March8 and March14 decided to unite against the mosquito invasion of Lebanon. 

A designated spokesman of the former political adversaries read a joint declaration:

“Faced with an unprecedented invasion of mosquitoes, we have decided to join forces to save Lebanon. 

We are going to open a company that manufactures pesticides. 

These pesticides will benefit from a revolutionary formula that will eradicate all the mosquitoes threatening the lives and wellbeing of all Lebanese citizens. 

They will be sold in every shop, minimarket and supermarket across Lebanon. 

To increase the success of this operation, the parliament will meet in an extraordinary session to vote a new law giving this company the monopoly on pesticide sales and distribution in Lebanon. To follow suit, the government will order the immediate removal of any competing products from the market. 

The price of the new pesticides will be a bit higher than other similar products formerly available, but the Lebanese people knows how to make sacrifices when the country is in danger. 

The sales benefits will be entirely donated to the families of the leaders of March8 and March14, as a token of gratitude for their heroic patriotism.

Long live this new company, long live Lebanon.”

© Claude El Khal, 2016

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