Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rising death toll after terror attack at Istanbul airport

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Are there still appropriate words to describe the horror we are all confronted with on a daily basis? After yesterday’s multiple attacks against al-Qaa in Lebanon, suicide bombers blew themselves up at Istanbul airport killing at least 36 people.

The New York Times wrote: "Suicide attackers armed with bombs and guns struck Turkey’s largest airport Tuesday night, blowing themselves up in a confrontation with the police. Officials said that at least 28 people were killed in the attack, and one official who spoke to The Associated Press put the toll at nearly 50. Scores more were reported to have been injured.."

The BBC reported that three attackers were involved, with one opening fire with a Kalashnikov as they targeted an entry point to the terminal. CNN Turk reported that one suicide bomber detonated explosives inside the terminal building and another outside in a parking lot.

RT has published two videos allegedly showing the moment the suicide bombers blew themselves up. Caution: one of the videos contains graphic images.

Another video shared on Twitter allegedly shows terrified people running away from one of the suicide bombers, right before he detonated his bomb.

Initial indications suggest that the Islamic State (Daech) is behind the suicide bombings, Turkey's Dogan news agency reported, citing police sources. But a Turkish official told Reuters it is too early to conform any links.