Tuesday, March 10, 2015

United Lebanese Emirates

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First, they stole the parliamentary elections and renewed their mandate for a second time. Now they want to pass their seat in parliament to their sons and heirs.

So local elections of pure form will be organized to ensure the transition, or shall we say the inheritance.

Lebanon is not longer a Republic but a federation of emirates.

One can argue that it’s always been the case, especially during the so-called civil war and well after it, until today. But the Republic’s democratic institutions remained and Lebanese had the legal means for change, if they chose to use them. Now that choice is gone, taken away. Soon perhaps, the emirs will change the official name of the country from Lebanese Republic to United Lebanese Emirates.

This ULE will remain until Lebanese rise up and reclaim their Republic. But if they do, the emirs will declare war on each other, de facto dividing the people. After enough death and destruction on all sides, Lebanese will be desperate for peace. So the emirs will strike a deal, perpetuating and strengthening their federation.

Everyone will rejoice and cheer their leaders for their wisdom and vision. Then go on with their lives, moaning and groaning on social media, drowning in denial or showering with empty positivism.
And the Lebanese Republic will be positively dead.

© Claude El Khal, 2015   


EMK1 said...

So very sad and true!

badran ghosn said...

you took 50m2 from our emara please put it back on the map.thank you