Monday, December 21, 2015

If modern movies were made during Hollywood’s golden era

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If modern movies like Avatar, Pulp Fiction, Alien, The Terminator or The Big Lebowski were made during Hollywood’s golden era, who would have starred, who would have directed, and how the posters would have looked like? New York artist, Peter Stults, answers in this brilliant series.

“When he was studying film at college, Peter Stults used to come up with imaginary movie ideas and turn them into posters, The Guardian writes. Fifteen years on, the New York-based graphic designer makes modern films look like old classics in hisWhat If series, using a mix of Photoshop and collage. “People assume I don’t like modern movies – I do,” he says, “But I am attracted to the poster art of the golden age.” He spends weeks, sometimes months, researching directors, actors and studios in a quest to make the posters look as authentic as possible. “I like it when I trick people into thinking the modern movie is a remake of the film in my poster. If I can do that, I’m doing my job right.”