Friday, July 25, 2014

The world as it goes

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One day, the Gaza war will end. And life will go back to normal. Or so we think. 

If we look beyond Gaza, if we look at the world as its stands today, what do we see? 

We curse the leaders of the so-called West because they support barbaric wars in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq… 

But what is the alternative? Realistically speaking? 

If these leaders get reelected, they’ll pursue the same despicable overall policy. If they loose the next elections, the ones who will replace them will do pretty much the same thing, if not worse.

What are the alternatives to Obama? The likes of Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin?  What are the alternatives to François Hollande? The likes of Sarkozy or Le Pen? What’s the alternative to Netanyahu if not the likes of Shimon Peres? What’s the alternative to Assad and Iran if not Daesh?  What’s the alternative to Daesh if not Assad and Iran? And in a wider perspective, what’s the alternative to the West, if not China?

We have entered a world without democracy and without freedom. 

It is time we wake up, is it not?

© Claude El Khal, 2014