Sunday, July 20, 2014

GAZA : Season 66 episodes 1 to 12

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Previously on GAZA: 

Mossad chief predicts that Israeli teens could be kidnapped. 
One week later, 3 Israeli teens are kidnapped. Then murdered. 
Worldwide outcry. 
Israel accuses Hamas. Hamas denies. 
Israeli settlers kidnap a Palestinian teen and burn him alive. 
The world doesn’t flinch. 
Israel starts bombing Gaza. 
Hamas responds by launching rockets on Israel. 
Obama declares: “Israel has the right to defend itself.” 
Arab countries stay silent. 
Bombing continues, Palestinian death toll rises. 
Israeli citizens sit on hilltops to watch Gaza bombing. They cheer and clap at every explosion. 
Other Israeli citizens post hate messages on social media, calling for Arab genocide. 
Israeli soldiers do the same. 
The world doesn’t flinch. 
Bombing continues, Palestinian death toll rises. 
French president issues a statement: “Israel has the right to defend itself.” But doesn’t mention Palestinian victims. 
Outcry in France.
French President issues another statement “regretting civilian casualties.” 
Bombing continues, Palestinian death toll rises. 
Arab countries remain silent. 
ABC News shows gruesome images of death and destruction in Gaza and claim these images are from Israel. 
Outcry on social media. 
#GazaUnderAttack trends on Twitter. 
ISIS-Daesh issues a statement: “God didn’t order us to attack Israel.” 
Edward Snowden reveals that ISIS self proclaimed Caliph is a Mossad agent. 
Obama declares: “Israel has the right to defend itself.” 
Arab countries remain silent.
Bombing continues, Palestinian death toll rises. 
More and more people around the globe, citizen and officials alike condemn Gaza war. 
Israeli filmmakers stop Jerusalem Film Festival to take a stand against war. 
UK MPs, Conservative, Labor and Lib-Dem alike denounce Israeli war crimes. 
UN condemns use of WMD by Israeli army against civilian population.
Bombing continues. 
Egypt proposes unrealistic cease-fire. 
Knowing Hamas will reject it, Israel agrees. 
Hamas rejects cease-fire. 
Israel launches ground invasion. 
Palestinian death toll rises. 
In Paris, pro-Palestinian demonstration falls into a trap set by police and Jewish extremists. 
French government and media talk of anti-Semitism. 
World press witnesses the killing of 4 Palestinians kids playing football on a beach by Israeli bombing. 
French TV crew records the scene. 
The video of the massacre goes viral. 
Washington accuses Hamas. 
French president declares: “Israel has the right to defend itself.” And bans further pro-Palestinian demonstrations. 
CNN journalist is sacked after tweeting her disgust of Israelis citizens sitting on hilltops and cheering Gaza bombing.
Demonstrations in Israel and Europe against Gaza war.
Chile suspends trade relations with Israel.
Ecuador withdraws ambassador from Tel-Aviv.
Arab countries remain silent. 
Israeli ground invasion and bombing continues. 
Palestinian death toll so far: 500 dead. 
One third are children. 

© Claude El Khal, 2014