Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random thoughts

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Lebanon: there’s a war in Syria, a war in Iraq, a war in Gaza, there are almost 2 million Syrian refugees, half a million Palestinian refuges. 

There’s a shortage of water, a shortage of electricity, but no shortage of corruption, there’s no President, there will be most probably no parliamentary elections, there are bloody battles between militias on the Syrian frontier, there are suicide bombers hidden all over the country waiting for the opportunity to blow us into pieces, there are bearded morons launching rockets towards Israel hoping to drag us into an destructive conflict, and now there’s this guy on TV telling us that “everything is under control”.

About Israel: the other day, US Secretary of Sate, John Kerry said: “Israel is under siege by Hamas”. I’m glad he didn’t say anything about Iraq or he might have told us that Mosul churches self-combust, Christians’ heads simply fall off and Daesh will be casting for the “Little House on the Prairie” remake.

Talking of Daesh: how do you expect the world to be truly afraid of them when, in English, their name sounds like an Egyptian goddess (ISIS) and in French, like sushi (EIIL)?

Back to Israel: they keep talking about its right to defend itself, but one has to wonder: what court in the world would accept a self-defense plea after you’ve killed over a thousand people?

© Claude El Khal, 2014