Monday, August 4, 2014

What’s Daesh doing in Lebanon?

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After the fighting broke out between the Lebanese Army and Daesh terrorists in north-east Lebanon, many said that it was the unavoidable consequence of Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian war. But as usual in Lebanon, others disagreed and said the opposite.

Before getting into a “chicken or egg” bickering, and before we decide whether it’s true or not, let’s have a closer look at the events preceding Daesh’s invasion attempt of north Lebanon.

Not so long ago, Daesh was presented to us by the world’s media as a small, extremely violent armed group called ISIS, composed of jihadists from around the globe, with the sole mission of fighting the Assad regime in Syria.

Suddenly, overnight, and to everyone’s surprise, this small armed group mutated into a powerful army, taking over large parts of Iraq and Syria, establishing a caliphate on Iraqi and Syrian territories. Territories united in one “Islamic State”, ruled by the self- proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim.

Soon after, ISIS started the “cleansing” of their Islamic State from all “undesirables”, Shias and Christians alike, in order to create a “pure” Sunni entity.

This “sectarian cleansing” was made easier by Daesh’s widespread publicity of its barbaric and horrific methods. So barbaric and horrific in fact that even Al-Qaeda couldn’t but dissociate itself...

This is actually a very efficient and proven strategy: install such terror in people’s hearts and minds so they prefer to surrender or flee instead of resisting. This strategy is used to facilitate and speed up any invasion at a minimum cost in men and equipment for the invading forces.

How come such a accomplished strategy was used by a bunch of ignorant barbarians, as they are advertised in the media?

According to classified documents released by the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the now infamous Caliph Ibrahim, was a CIA operative that undertook extensive military training at the hand of the Mossad, as well as “courses in theology and the art of public speech.”

Knowing that all previously leaked documents by Snowden were verified as accurate, we can only conclude that the information about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi can’t be dismissed or ignored.

To further our résonnement, let’s add two simple and obvious facts:
1. A small armed group doesn’t simply mutate overnight into a powerful army. It requires meticulous planning, considerable training and a lot of money.
2. Daesh’s Islamic State, uniting chunks of Iraq and Syria, erases de facto the borders set by the Sykes-Picot agreement.
So, to summarize: an organized army of jihadists led by an alleged Mossad trained agent, was created, financed, armed, then sent to Syria and Iraq to create an “Islamic State”, erasing the official borders of these two countries.

Before we ask why and try to give a comprehensive answer, let’s go back in time. Let’s go back to 1954 and to the documented letter exchange between two Israeli Prime Ministers, David Ben Gurion and Moshe Sharett.

In these letters, Ben Gurion and Sharett talked of dividing the Middle East into small sectarian states. Ben Gurion wrote: “In normal times this would be almost impossible. (...) But at times of confusion, or revolution or civil war, things take on another aspect (...) If money is necessary, no amount of dollars should be spared (...) We must concentrate all our efforts on this issue.” 
Moshe Sharett answered: “I don't exclude the possibility of accomplishing this goal in the wake of a wave of shocks that will sweep the Middle East (...) destroy the present constellations and form others.”

Isn’t it exactly what’s happening today in Syria and Iraq with Daesh and its “Islamic State”?

An exclusive Sunni Islamic State, can only encourage others: Shias, Alawites, Kurds, Christians, Druze, etc. to proclaim their own State, dividing the different Arab nations into small antagonist entities.

This sectarian states will mirror Israel’s Jewish state and justify its existence, allowing not only its survival and durability in the region, but also its economic and military predominance on all its neighbours.

The same strategy used in Syria and Iraq, is now applied in Lebanon. Creating an “independent Islamic State” in the north of the country will erase its Sykes-Picot borders and facilitate the break up of the Lebanese Republic into sectarian mini-states.

In the light of all this, debating if Daesh came to Lebanon because Hezbollah is fighting in Syria is ludicrous at best. Instead we should stop the petty accusations and finger pointing, and unite to defend Lebanon.

Because if we don’t, the last chance for Christians, Muslims and Jews, for Shias, Sunnis, Alawites and Druze to live together, will be gone forever. And so will Lebanon.

Again, it’s time to wake up, is it not? 

© Claude El Khal, 2014

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Anonymous said...

let me comment on this one: da3esh stands for al Dawla al Islamiya fi al 3iraq wal Sham.... sham being the area including lebanon and palestine.... Hence, since the first day of its birth the plan was not to fight Assad's regime and stop there, but to expand as they are doing right now.

Anonymous said...

In short, Sunnis should suck it up and stop laying the blame for everything that's been happening "to them". It's not about you and it's definitely no reason to act as if condoning a terrorist, barbaric entity.

- An Immigrant of Sunni Parents

Anonymous said...

I know that I have just pointed fingers, but not in accusation. Just as "brotherly" remark.
We need to put religion aside, because we all know what will eventually happen if we continue down the sectarian path. We'll be fulfilling the prophecy.

Anonymous said...

The NSA/Snowden part is not accurate, i tried to follow all kinds of leads but there was no proof on that document of "hornets' nest".

But it is clear that the guys in da3esh are "at least" applying an indirect CIA plan, upon which they worked for many years earlier, since 2003, probably earlier... to divide this land, and obfuscate any resistance.

To indict the isis people, it's easy search from whom they got their weapon, and the political umbrella that kept silence about them during these couple of years. and who's buying the oil from them, and where are they geographically located, you can see clearly it's turkey... and from here you can further your résonnement (syrian revolution support, ksa, usa, turkey qatar, milk and blankets... + 'occupation' of iraq, and destruction of schools and 100 death/day since 2003 through bush's democracy... 2013-2003=10 years so if you were born in 1993 you would be studying till age of 10, then blood until the age of 20... so you're now a good ignorant soldier)

But the most beautiful thing in this article is :
"Again, it’s time to wake up, is it not? "

well the interrogation after "again" here is very smart, i can write a book about that line only.

Anonymous said...

Je me demande de quoi il s’agit ici? de faire rappel de quoi au juste? que la plupart des intellos du “monde arabe” sont des esprit paresseux, incultes, primitifs, épris de théories du complot? qu’ils croient que la source de tous leurs malheurs provient toujours du Juif? qu’ils sont incapables d’introspection et d’auto-critique? qu’ils sont incapable de voir une petite possibilité que leurs prisons sont tissées de leurs mains propres? que les fouets lacérant leur peaux sont de fabrication locale? que ce n’est pas toujours la fautes aux autres que l’individu arabe demeure en dehors de l’histoire? Je me demande, pourquoi faut-il toujours qu’il y ait un complot Juif-CIA contre ces pauvres arabes? quand est-ce que ces bons arabes ont été unis tout d’abord, pour qu'ils méritent d’être déchirés en haillons par le Juif? ensuite, est-ce que les arabes sont à se point atteints d’incapacité mentale pour se laisser faire par ce plan diabolique? Franchement, si ce n'est pas de l'antisémitisme infect pur et simple, c’est du n’importe quoi cet article de Claude el-Khal, et je l’ai posté simplement pour montrer à quel point l’intellect Oriental (dans toutes ses langues, que se soit l'arabe, l'anglais, ou le français) est devenu obscène et incapable d’accepter la responsabilité de ses propres insuffisances et sa propre stagnation morale, culturelle, politique, et intellectuel. Tout cela me rappelle Nizar Qabbani et son
انعي لكم، يا اصدقائي اللغة القديمة
والكتب القديمة
انعي لكم
كلامنا المثقوب، كالأحذية القديمة
ومفردات العهر والهجاء والشتيمة

لقد لبسنا قشرة الحضارة
والروح جاهلية…
لا تلعنوا السماء
لا تلعنوا الظروف
فالله يؤتي النصر من يشاء (النصر)
وليس لكم حداداً يصنع السيوف

ما دخل اليهود من حدودنا
تسرّبوا من عيوبنا،
خمسة آلاف سنة ونحن في السرداب
ذقوننا طويلة
نقودنا مجهولة
عيوننا مرافئ الذباب...

جربوا ان تغسلوا افكاركم وتغسلوا اثوابكم.
جرّبوا ان تقرأوا كتاب..
ان تكتبوا كتاب...
Je je suis pas trop fan de Qabbani, mais au moins dans ce poème-là il a eu la décence intellectuelle de prendre les Arabes à la tâche.

Anonymous said...

juif cia ? First of all we make a clear distinction between jewish and zionist and no body mentioned jews, if that's what you're afraid of... and actually fuck both, we don't care whatever you are, but if you're here to kill against the human rights (that you so defend) and UN principals who got you here in the first place, in order to enforce political dominance on regional countries to get oil at better prices, and if you plan to incite sectarian split, feed the divide and kill our teachers and journalists and caricaturists, so you can conquer us and simplify your task on our account... well zionist or bob marly kind of guy, you're an enemy. And it's our task to label you and write about what you do, and how you do it, and what's related to us, so our people can know, because they are busy working and entertaining.
And if you didn't grasp that the article IS "self-critical" at best, then i don't think your french opinion + a Qabbani poem has any meaning here. Usually people who write such replies would put their names, to take credits. Well that's the only probable good thing about your comment, a bit of probable humility.

Anonymous said...

Great article, well written. thank you

Anonymous said...

Everyone should suck it up not just the Sunnis.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is time to wake up. Buy a gun, get some firearms training, and get ready to protect yourself and your country. SHTF people.

Anonymous said...

Btw, its now called "IS", NOT ISIS. IS stands for Islamic State. Just a small correction.

Anonymous said...

Have we actually seen the Snowden documents? Or has he publicly acknowledged that he has ever made these statements? The answer is no. Check the Internet, all you get is media spreading the same information and quoting each other as a source. I am not saying that what you are claiming is impossible, and I do think that the West in general is behaving oddly with respect to this IS issue. Nonetheless, I don't think your analysis rests on solid factual information, and, in particular, your deductions that stem from letters from the 50s are, to say the least, far fetched.
Perhaps next time you would take into account whether you are acting as a misinformation tool before drafting such articles.
I do agree that we have to unite against this threat but perhaps Hizballah's withdrawal from Syria would make it easier for us. Because, the way I see it, as this point in time, whatever we do rimes more with a participation in proxy wars for regional and international influences than a fight for Lebanon. Peace. From a Lebanese compatriot.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add HALISH to US & ISRAEL. They are the ones who made it all possible to happen in Lebanon when they used same DAESH methods in terrifying Sunnis in Beirut while knowing that this will be the last move to destroy what remains from Lebanon. If all Lebanese are not equal, there will be no Lebanon. So let the dogs bite each other. God protect the Lebanese army because they are in the middle of the fight. Please define terrorism when u discuss such a matter. Don't u see dead children in Syria bombings. If HALISH want to boss us in Lebanon, u should expect some Lebanese unexpected behavior. Also I hope the Lebanese army acted the same way when HALISH attacked Beirut. They should have not let any side win against the other by shooting heavily on all fighters from both sides.

Anonymous said...

you are so fanatic up to your bone. When the army tries to defend itself against terrorists and criminals,,,, lots of fanatic voices start shouting: it's against our sunni people... as if the army should ask first the terrorists ID before defending itself. I am christian and I have no heard that Hizbollah has ever spoke in that sectarian tongue. They never ever said don't arrest this or that because they are shiite... even in May 7 that u mentioned,,, they never killed in cold blood,,, never slained a human being, cut throats,,, heads, eat hearts and liver... Impose jihad al nika7 on women.... With all respect to your feelings,,,but the truth is that the shiites even in war and fierceful battles, they act humanly and not barbarically like the others...God keep our lebanese soldiers safe and help them wipe out those beasts.

Anonymous said...

Yes u are right. To prove it. U can't even arrest someone from them. Also for ID thing, it is not recommended. They can distinguish from the side of the street. And one more. They don't cut throats and allow jihad nikah cause they have the means of blasting skulls from up above without taking the blame to kill children directly. No jihad nikah cause they got even better. Mutaa. Both fanatics from both sides are made in US. If u can love DAESH after what they did to Christians in Iraq and Syria, I can love HALESH after what was and still being done in Beirut. A cut throat will kill u instantly and a bomb will do the same. Both will provide terror before death. If all the bombing in syria is normal while killing hundreds of thousands civilians, we should accept what Israel is doing, same methods for both. Why I care about syrians. They are sunnis, same feeling why u care for christians in iraq and syria. Its all normal but we should not let one party outforce the other in lebanon, dose this request sound to u fanatic????!!!! Do u want me to say we should control lebanon and u guys should follow, like what HALESH is currently doing. Is this will make me less fanatic in ur eyes??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

listen, i already criticized quoting Snowden "hornet's nest"
AnonymousAugust 5, 2014 at 5:52 AM

Go read, oh and fuck snowden and his documents. we don't need snowden. you want to know who created ISIS?
you watch this one

fully. You're smart aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Lies and lies.
All kinds of shiites are being arrested, the army even entered Britel!! Shites of Hezbollah who are low in ranks and do criminal activities can also be cought, or probably held in Hezb's prisons if cought internally. Only intelligence Ranked people in Hezbollah are protected from capture. Mutaa or not that's in islam, so sunni shia whatever , muslims can marry 4 if they are fair!! more than 4 it's not much fair, unless you're a prophet. blasting skulls from above? you mean israel? you ignorant fuck. Beheading someone with your own fucking hands for seconds trying to cut the fucking spine you bitch, and shouting allahouakbar is much different than launching a missile, because israel is bombing you to the ground you fucking prick. Another thing, the regime in Syria, IS NOT hezbollah, thank you for misunderstanding. AND THE SOLDIERS IN SYRIAN REGIME OR FREEDOM SHIT FIGHTERS ARE SUNNIS in majority... SHIT!! hahaha sectarian doll.
Oh thanks for the milk and blanket btw

Anonymous said...

I see I got to ur nerves u son of a bitch. This why there is no way u can talk or discuss. If u get in a corner like a rat. U fucking bite . Kiss ummak 3a umm elle inta minon ya eir.

Anonymous said...

And by the way. Rockets from above is syria rocketing from above ya bala fihem. Ayre bi immak.

Anonymous said...

This article is probably the closest to the reality and explains large chunks of what's happening today in our region (Middle-East). It also reminds me of the first trial from Israel to dismantle the Sykes-Picot map, back in the 60's. At that time, they used the palestinians resistance (again, sunnites) to occupy Lebanon which was supposed to bring down Syria and start the sectarian country domino effect process.

Alyssa thomas said...

Yes it is time to wake up. Buy a gun, get some firearms training, and get ready to protect yourself and your country. SHTF people.

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