Sunday, September 28, 2014

Enemy of the Sate

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Daesh is a terrorist organization that declared war on Lebanon. 

Its fighters are on Lebanese territory. It is therefore an occupying force. 

Every individual or group of individuals, Lebanese or foreign citizen resident or refugee in Lebanon, who supports Daesh should be labeled a collaborator and treated as such: arrested and judged according to Lebanese law.

The same should apply to any media outlet that supports Daesh in its war against Lebanon. Freedom of expression does not extend to people or organizations that aim for the destruction of a sovereign country and its national army.

Can anyone imagine, in the name of freedom of expression, the allied democracies allowing a Nazi TV station to operate on American or British soil during WWII? Of course not.

Daesh is very similar to last century’s Nazi plague.

So, if Al-Jazeera wants to continue to support that plague and keep on its heinous media war against the Lebanese Army, it should not be allowed to do it on Lebanese soil. 

© Claude El Khal, 2014