Monday, February 16, 2015

Apple launches iAm

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The tragic events in Copenhagen, the murder of three Muslim students in North Carolina and the gruesome beheading of twenty-one Egyptian Christians were sadly added to the long list of tragedies since the terrorist attack on the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, last January.

Right after this attack, a new slogan swept across the world like wildfire: “Je suis Charlie”. “I am Charlie”.

In France, they’ve made some variations on the same theme: “Je suis Ahmed”, after the policeman’s name who was murdered the on same day of the Charlie Hebdo attack, and “Je suis Juif” after the hostage crisis in the kosher minimarket, “Super Casher”.

Since that dreadful day, many other tragedies happened all over the world, from Saudi Arabia to Libya, from Jordan to Lebanon, from Iraq to Nigeria, from Europe to the United States.

That’s why the American giant Apple has decided to launch a revolutionary new product: the iAm.

The iAm allows you with incredible ease and speed to add the name or word of your choice to the “I am – Je suis” template, depending on the tragedy that touches you the most and you want to express your solidarity with.

On top of many different languages, the iAm offers a wide variety of fonts and colors, in the great tradition of all Apple products.

The iAm is a bit pricey: 999.99 dollars, but with all the horrific events and tragedies that are yet to happen, it’s a very wise investment.

Very highly recommended.

© Claude El Khal, 2015 

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