Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jacques Chirac lookalike is an eighteen-century Japanese mask

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An eighteen-century Japanese mask is the spitting image of former French president Jacques Chirac. Ironically, it represents a powerful demon called Ôbeshimi.

“It’s one of the most evil demons, it claims to have the ability to threaten the human race” says Francis Saint-Genez, curator of the Georges-Labit museum in Toulouse, where the mask is stored.

I’m sure that Bush, Cheney and their merry neocon band wish they knew about this when Jacques Chirac was still in office and was strongly opposing their war on Iraq.

If these people changed french fries into freedom fries, imagine what they would have done with the mask of a demon looking like Chirac.

I can almost hear Cheney barking on CNN: “This the undeniable proof that all those opposing us are part of an Axis of Evil seeking to destroy human kind. Therefore we should bomb the hell out of Iraq, kill millions of Iraqis, throw the Middle East into mayhem and save the world.”

© Claude El Khal, 2015