Friday, June 5, 2015

Samir Geagea, a new career in real estate?

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I found this last night on a Facebook page supporting Samir Geagea's bid for presidency. 

In Lebanon, supporting a politician has nothing to do with politics. Usually, Lebanese politicians have no real vision for the country, let alone a program to implement it. They go with the flow. The cash flow mainly. But even if one of them did, most of his supporters wouldn't have a clue what both vision and program are. They love him because it’s him. Or because they truly hate the other guy.

Most Lebanese follow a political leader regardless of his political stand. If he switches sides, they switch with him. If he makes a u-turn, they u-turn with him. No questions asked. Because he can never be wrong. Whatever he says and does, he’s always right. He’s the best. The most intelligent and most handsome of all living men. A demigod of sorts.

On the other hand, business and politics have always walked side by side. Actually, in Lebanon, they're inseparable. So why not support Samir Geagea for president and make some money out of it? Even if how the money is made has nothing to do with Geagea. Or the presidency. Lebanese strange logic says there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The people who like this Facebook page seem to think so. No one expressed any kind of disproval, while a few liked the post.

When you think about it, it would have been much more fun if the presidential election and the real estate offer were linked somehow. If, for example, the headline said: You can’t reach Baabda? Move to Ballouneh.

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Clement said...

This is not the official facebook page of samir geagea
the official page is :
and i am sure there is no real estate over there :P