Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Gay Conspiracy Exposed

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Have you noticed that there are more and more gay people in the world? Fifty years ago who would have dared come out of the closet, let alone demand same-sex marriage? Is it a natural evolution or the result of a dark conspiracy by gay secret societies to sexually control the world?

It all started at the turn of the 20th century when rich and powerful homosexuals united in a secret conspiracy aimed at turning the world population into their sex slaves. They are known as the Gayllumati.

They created an electro-magnetic signal that could manipulate human sexual desire and transform perfectly healthy people into raving sodomites.

At first, that signal was transmitted through radio waves, and was only visible to the naked eye during very specific weather conditions: when the sun shines right after the rain – that visual anomaly was later adopted by the Gayllumati as their worldwide symbol.

After few years, they realized that the signal transmitted randomly into open space was not as efficient as expected and only worked on eccentric minds like artists and Brits. While the world’s general population remained as straight as Cher’s hair.

But the Gayllumati scientists were on the verge on a discovery that was going to pervert the world forever: bring their signal into every home throughout the world.

Until their plan was ready to put in place, the rainbow symbol was reproduced in children books, getting our brains ready to accept what was coming.

Then came color TV.

Since its widespread introduction into our homes, our children have been victims of the most insidious brainwashing operation ever attempted in modern history.

For decades, every time people turned on their TV sets, they received an audio-visual signal sending gay waves directly into their brains, turning boys into girls, girls into boys and parents into liberals. 

Their plan was so successful, Gayllumati controlled TV networks proudly used the rainbow symbol on their logo.

Today, that symbol and subliminal signal is spreading like wildfire on social media, and we are seeing normal people adding it on top of their own pictures.

Don’t be fooled, this is all part of the Gayllumati evil plan to bring forth the New Gay Order.

© Claude El Khal, 2015