Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We have the right to know

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There’s no electricity. No water. No jobs. But a drowning economy. Mountains of garbage. A sea of trash. A whole country turned into an open dumpster. And no solutions in sight. None whatsoever. Why? Because there’s no money?
Lebanon has a 70 billion dollars debt. Where did it all go? Where and when was it spent? And by whom? What about our taxes? Where does the money go? How is it spent? We have the right to know. We have the duty to know. If we still want to call ourselves citizen.

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Maya said...

Quand les médias commenceront à poser les bonnes questions aux ir-responsables, et leurs mettre la pression au lieu de parler en leurs noms et arrêter de ybahidlo le camp ou les camps "adversaires", je pense que cela le 1er pas.