Wednesday, September 30, 2015

When Pierre Hachach makes fun of alleged sexual assault

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Pierre Hachach has been making “funny” political videos and posting them on Facebook.

The man made a name for himself by running in several elections and mocking the Lebanese political establishment (photo above), before falling into oblivion. He even tried his luck with a “provocative” song and video clip.

Until the popular movement came along and gave him a great opportunity to revive his lost fame.

In his latest video, Hachach makes fun of an alleged sexual assault reported by several media. This assault allegedly happened during one of the movement’s protests.

Sexual assault is no laughing matter. Especially in a country where domestic and sexual violence are commonplace, and where Lebanese women are, in many ways, still treated as second-class citizen.

Rather than mocking the alleged assault – or the news outlets that reported it – it would be a good idea to investigate it, check its veracity and if proven true, make sure it never happens again.

Sexism represents, along with corruption, what's deeply wrong in Lebanon.

I wonder what Lebanese women think of this video, especially those who are an integral part of the movement.

Ladies, it’s time to speak out.

(Pierre Hachach has since deleted the video)

شو شباب؟؟؟ Tayyar dot org أم مجلة صون العدالة؟؟؟!!!
Posted by Pierre Hachach on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Anonymous said...

How about you investigate it and stop making us lebanese people more savage as they think we are, how about that يا لبناني يا يللي ما بتحكي عربي ؟?

Serge said...

How long would a "latest video" be to you, as a time frame? The video was posted in December 2014, and was obviously prepared a long time before that, since it's shot at the beach..
So this, logically, would not be related to the "movements" happening. I usually don't comment on anything because i respect other people's point of views, but seriously now, blogging/media/news are becoming more and more unprofessional by the minute.
I don't particularly like pierre, but at least he's hands down more honest than any one of these blood suckers that have been ruling the sheep for so long.
Get your information right before posting anything because this is not your diary, this is a blog, and people read this, i think..
And excuse me if this comes out a bit harsh, but i never really liked extreme sexists like you, and quite honestly, whether you admit it or not, you're the type of female activist that just sits there and talks. How about you organize a certain protest or something more productive, like uniting all these "non profit" organizations who live off the back of sexual assault cases, and ironically run by women.(I'm just stating the truth that you don't see).