Monday, October 5, 2015

Khalas, enough impunity!

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Today’s pathetic spectacle given by members of Parliament cannot be simply laughed at and forgotten. As one passing episode among many in the endless and ludicrous Lebanese political comedy show.

Aren’t we tired of politicians throwing accusations at each other but never resolving anything? Haven’t we had enough of their arrogance and spite, enough of their lies, of their hypocrisy, enough of their empty slogans and pointless rhetoric?

Lebanon has a 70 billion dollars public dept but still nothing works properly – if not at all. No electricity and water, hazardous roads, garbage everywhere…

Yet we’ve witnessed many politicians, their families and protégés get insanely rich.

How did that happen? How did they make all this money? Where did the 70 billion go? How and when were they spent? If there was theft, who stole what exactly?

We need to know. It’s our duty to know. Our duty as citizen and as the sovereign people our Constitution say we are.

We should demand without delay an independent in-depth audit of the country’s finances – supervised by the judiciary and the civil society.

We should demand the immediate lifting of banking secrecy for every man and woman who held office since the end of the war, and of parliamentary immunity for every single MP, past and present.

We can’t just keep ranting against a faceless and nameless corrupt establishment. We need names and facts. Then we’ll need trials and convictions.

We need to clean up our country.

Lebanon is ours. It’s time we reclaim it from those who stole it from us. Those who used their official position to build incredible wealth but destroy the country’s institutions and impoverish the rest of us.

Khalas, enough impunity!

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