Thursday, October 22, 2015

REMINDER: the removal of garbage is our number one priority

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We’re very lucky it hasn’t truly rained yet. But rain is coming. It’s only a few days away. If the rain season starts and the garbage is not removed, this is what’s waiting for us.

Rain mixed with garbage will poison our water, which means everything we wash will be poisoned too: the clothes we wear, the sheets we cover our beds with, the plates we eat in, the forks and knives we use, even our food…

Are we going to let that happen without lifting a finger? Or do we need to get our acts together and finally realize that the immediate removal of garbage is a matter of life and death. And that anything else is a call for mass suicide and the slow destruction of Lebanon.

We urgently need to stop losing the plot and protesting about anything and everything. If we don’t, if we fail to get the focus back on the urgency of garbage removal, there will be no country left to reform.


Ralph said...

Knowing the mentality we conclude that no prior actions will be taken to prevent such catastrophe. In Lebanon, we know the problem, we''re aware of the consequences but still we wait until it happens in order to take action.

Udy Regan said...

I'm sure that people will be able to have a proper garbage disposal or storage system in place as it is right? And if they don't I'm sure the threat of having our water and food sources contaminated will be a good reminder to do so!