Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thank you Angelina

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Angelina Jolie, as quoted on her Facebook fan page: "Whilst everyone talks about ‪‎Paris‬ no one mentions the ‪‎ISIS‬ attack in‪ ‎Lebanon‬ yesterday. I pray for both countries."

If you actually said it, thank you Angelina. In any case, we should all show pour solidarity for both countries, France and Lebanon. And also for every country attacked by Daech terrorists - I can’t bring myself to call them ISIS, I find it difficult to give these thugs the name of an Egyptian goddess.

Note: the photo used by the fan page is not of the attacks in Beirut last thursday, but from the Israeli war on Lebanon in july 2006.


Anonymous said...

This is not Angelina Jolie's facebook page, we don't know if she wrote it.

Tia Norman said...
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Unknown said...

Genre ça a satisfait l'égo des Libanais jaloux? C'est bon?