Sunday, November 8, 2015

"The Ashrafieh Horror"

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“Residents of the east Beirut district of Ashrafieh are complaining of an infestation of flies brought on by the nearly four-month-long garbage crisis, The Daily Star reports.

“Loud buzzing from the tens of thousands of tiny insects could be heard across the district. Residents were told by the Beirut Municipality that the infestation was caused by dead rats buried under piles of garbage near the Beirut river.”

But off course, and as usual, no solution was proposed to end this infestation.

"It's been like this for five days. [Flies] are all over the place and in our houses, one man told Al-Jadeed TV channel, we are calling for help. The flies are sticking to us."

In other words, Ashrafieh has become like a horror movie, where the authorities unspoken message to its residents seems to be: “Get out.”

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Maurizio said...

To what extent they wanna get in Lebanon? Who benefits from this terrible situation? ...This beloved Country is at serious risk of a cholera outbreak. In Naples broke out for much less ...There garbage in the streets has never been more than a month ... Lebanon's leaders must to be careful, they are playing with fire, these are situations that can easily escape out of hand.