Sunday, December 13, 2015

Is this how we honor Gebran Tueni and François el-Hajj?

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Is this why they died? Is this why Gebran Tueni and François el-Hajj lived and fought? Is this how we honor them? By burning garbage and poisoning the air we breathe?

Wasn’t it enough to turn Lebanon, its towns, forests and valleys into an open dumpster? Wasn’t enough to poison its water? Wasn’t it enough to transform its seashore into sewage?

Garbage is burning everywhere. Even though it was officially banned, nothing is being done to stop it. Why? Where are the authorities? Why aren’t they doing anything to enforce that ban?

Where is the Health Minister? Where’s the Environment Minister? Where’s the Interior Minister? Where is the Prime Minister? Where is the government? Where are the Members of Parliament?

Where are the political parties and their leaders? Why aren’t they saying or doing anything? Where are their followers and sympathizers? Aren’t they citizens of this country? Aren’t they breathing the same air we breathe?

Where are the media? Where are the journalists? Why aren’t they doing their job and turning this catastrophe into every day’s headline and every night’s main news? Where are the TV stations that used to broadcast the popular movement’s every word and every move?

Where is the civil society? Where are the environmentalists? Where is the Hirak? Where are its different groups? Where are all the activists and NGOs? And where is the Green Party for that matter? Didn’t they all used to go on TV and swear they’ll never give up until the garbage crisis is resolved?

Ultimately, where are the people of Lebanon? Or perhaps the question should be: is there actually a people in Lebanon, or just a bunch of superficial and irresponsible morons living next to each other?

And finally, why do I still bother?

Facing city mall today... Imagine the toxins in the air right now. Dioxin from burning plastic is highly cancerous... No matter how loud we shout , no one cares... Murderers! Each and every municipality!
Posted by Women Uprising on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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