Friday, January 8, 2016

Syria, perhaps like that we’ll start to care a little more

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Everyday in Syria, people are suffering, starving, dying. People like you and me, like our parents and our children, like our friends and our neighbours. But they’re not famous, so who cares, right? 

I did this small exercise so maybe, just maybe, we’ll start to care a little more.

But what can I do, what can we do? you ask. I guess the least we can do is to never accept the unacceptable, always speak out, never remain silent, and never get used to the horrors of war like yet another fact of life.
No offense was intended towards the late artists whose names I used. On the contrary, I’d like to think if they were still alive, they wouldn’t have minded the use of their name for such a cause.

© Claude El Khal, 2016

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