Friday, January 1, 2016

Walid Joumblatt New Year’s Eve hilarious wishes

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Lebanese Druze leader, former warlord and new Twitter star, Walid Joumblatt, posted this photo on New Year’s Eve, with the most surrealist caption: “Best wishes Hercules Poirot Madame.”

You might disagree with his constantly changing political stances, you might not even like the man, but you can’t deny he’s the most atypical politician in the Arab world.

Eccentric, sarcastic, cunning, sharp, devilishly clever and incredibly funny, I believe if Walid Joumblatt didn’t inherit the Druze community leadership after the murder of his father, Kamal, he could have become the greatest comedian the Middle East has ever known.

As soon as he retires – as he’s been saying for quite some time now – and passes this leadership to his son, according to Lebanese’s regrettable feudal tradition, I strongly recommend he starts a writing career.

Lebanese politics wouldn't lose much, but literature could gain a lot. I even dare think he could become a new Oscar Wilde of sorts.