Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Starvation sieges through the eyes of Syrian artists

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thesyriacampaign.org, an independent advocacy group campaigning for a peaceful and democratic future for Syria, has published a series of artworks by Syrian artists denouncing the starvation sieges civilians are subjected to.

“A million civilians are living in besieged areas in Syria without any access to food or medication, writes thesyriacampaign.org. To stave off starvation, these civilians are often forced to eat tree leaves, insects and cats. Hundreds have starved to death. Meanwhile, tons of the world’s aid remains undelivered.”

The brutal simplicity of these artworks makes them a powerful tool to awaken people’s conscience about the horrors of the Syrian war, if only they were widely shared on social media.

Using the starvation of defenseless civilians as a weapon is perhaps one of the most abject crimes of this war. Hopefully, one day, when Syria is at peace again, there will be a reckoning. And criminals on all sides judged according to international law.

In the meantime, everyone’s help is needed to spread these messages from a besieged starving people to an overweight world.

Close to half a million people have already died in Syria. How many more still need to die before we forget ideologies and geopolitics and remember that Syrians are human beings?

Bla Bla Nations by Daali
UN by Anwar Al Eissa
Starvation is the weapon of cowards by Anis Mansour
No Title by Hussam Alsaadi
Systematic Starvation by Anis Mansour
Hunger is not a game by Daali
I Am Hungry by Fadi Zyada
No Title by Moustafa Jacoub

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