Monday, February 22, 2016

These are the people

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These are the people you stole from, you lied to and impoverished. These are the people you drowned in garbage.

These are the people whose plight you ignore. The people struggling to get by while you go about your shady business. The people whose children are denied a decent future because you plagued them with a 70 billion dollars dept no one can possibly repay.

These are the people whose vote you took away. The people you silenced to keep your little privileges and your pompous titles. The people whose state you sucked dry, whose taxes always conveniently end up in your pockets. Whose lives you treat with such disdain.

These are the people living in trash, breathing filthy air, washing with polluted water because, for 8 long months, you didn’t bother coming up with any viable solution. 8 month of anger, frustration, viruses and illness, while you kept smiling and joking, hugging and kissing, without a care in the world.

These are the people you think are not worth an emergency meeting, a ya mama statement, a threat of mass resignations and all the things you surprised us with because some prince, somewhere, threw a fit.

These are the people you may carelessly take to civil war. Because of your irresponsible actions and stances. Because a foreign monarch is more important to you than your own people. Because “freedom, independence, sovereignty” are nothing but words to you.

These are March 14. Not you. Not anymore.

© Claude El Khal, 2016