Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter procession in a Hezbollah stronghold

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Despite all its problems and all its failings, Lebanon is still a beacon of Christian-Muslim coexistence. This Easter procession in Beirut southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold, is yet another proof (video below).

Lebanon is known for its sectarian political system, its so-called "civil war" between Christian and Muslims, and its deep divide between the different religions and sects that compose its plural society. But the people’s reality is somewhat different. Even if many Lebanese are religiocentric, the vast majority has no problem living together and respecting each other’s faith and traditions.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that sectarianism doesn’t exist. But it’s a problem that has been fueled for over a century by international and regional powers, each one aiming at controlling one part of the Lebanese population. It has also been fueled by local politicians, former warlords and current crooks to strengthen their grip over the country’s political apparatus and state institutions.

But still, Lebanese live perfectly well together if left alone, as we recently seen in the popular non-sectarian (or multi-sectarian – to be more precise) movement that shook the country over the garbage crisis. And as this Christian Easter procession in an overwhelming Muslim neighborhood and Hezbollah stronghold clearly proves.

Look at the rest of the world: can a procession like this happen in Molenbeek, in the heart of the recently wounded Belgium capital Brussels? Look at the rest of Europe, the supposedly model of coexistence: only a few days ago, in the UK, in Glasgow, a Muslim was reportedly stabbed to death because he wished "Happy Easter" on social media…

All in all, Lebanon’s Christian-Muslim coexistence is an example the world would be wise to follow.

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Posted by ‎Amal Hamadeh انقرضو الرجال‎ on Saturday, March 26, 2016


Peter VDH said...

As a Belgian, I can definitely assure that something like this can, and does happen in Molenbeek? Ever been to Molenbeek?

Claude El Khal said...

Dear Peter, could you please send me images (pics or videos) of similar events that happened in Molenbeek, I'd be happy to publish them.