Tuesday, March 22, 2016

For over a decade, everyone knew about Molenbeek but did nothing

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10 years ago, Hind Fraihi a young Belgian journalist published a book called "Undercover in Little Morocco". She spent two months undercover among radical Muslims in Brussels. 

Among her shocking findings was the revelation that younger Muslims in particular were increasingly prone to violence. Last year, The Washington Post wrote: “A decade ago, [Hind Fraihi] warned of radical Islam in Belgium’s Molenbeek. When a young Belgian woman of Moroccan descent went undercover for two months in the heavily Muslim district of Molenbeek, the virulent strain of violent extremism she found should have been a wake-up call for Belgium.”

The following video was posted on Youtube in 2006. Ten years years later, no one can say they didn't know. Today the big question is: why didn't they do anything about it? “I faced a politically correct wall”, Hind Fraihi said last February to Belgian website L'Echo. A politically correct wall that cost Paris and Brussels dozens of victims...