Monday, March 21, 2016

Let’s turn this Mother's Day into a worthy cause

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Today, we all want to celebrate our mothers, tell them we love them, thank them for everything they’ve done for us. Those who lost theirs will want to remember them, pray for them maybe, silently assure them they’ll always be in their heart.

But what about mothers whose days are a never-ending nightmare? Mothers who are terrified, humiliated, beaten and abused? Should we forget about them? Act as if they don’t exist, as if we know nothing of their pain and suffering?

So why don’t we turn this Mother’s Day into a worthy cause? Why don’t we use the country’s focus on mothers to speak out, to fill social media with calls to end domestic violence in Lebanon?

I propose these two posts I worked on for the NGO March. Unless you prefer to do it in some other way, and use your own words and your own voice. Whatever you choose, please help turn this Mother's Day into a nationwide outcry to end the monstrosity that is domestic violence.