Thursday, April 7, 2016

Children kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanese police detains Australian TV crew

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Two children were kidnapped in Hadath, on the southern outskirts of Beirut, in broad daylight. Soon after, a '60 Minutes Australia' TV crew was detained by Lebanese police.

Last night, Lebanese TV channel Al-Jadeed broadcasted footage of the children – a 6 years old girl and a 4 years old boy – being violently abducted (video below). Their grandmother, from whom the children were snatched, said kidnapers were filming the scene.

Interviewed by reporter Nawal Berri, she declared that kidnappers hit her on the head, beat up the maid, before forcing the children into their car.

Later on, Lebanese police detained an Australian TV crew in relation to the kidnapping.

"A spokeswoman from Channel 9 said [60 Minutes] reporter Tara Brown, producer Steven Rice and two camera operators were detained overnight in Beirut", ABC Australia reported on its website. "It is believed the team was in Lebanon filming a story about the recovery of two Australian children who were taken there by their Lebanese father."

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop confirmed the government was seeking information on the incident: "I confirm that DFAT [Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade] has been in contact with Channel 9 with regard to reports that an Australian TV crew has been detained in Lebanon," she said. "We are urgently seeking to confirm the crew's whereabouts and welfare, and have offered all appropriate consular assistance".

Until now, the fate and whereabouts of the children are unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Kids belong to their mother without any doubt

renee said...

They are Australian born abducted by their father who was never ever denied visitation he did this out of jealousy his mother raises the kids not him! They belong back in Australia with their mother,they are only babies! He did not allow mother any contact with children at all she has done this out of pure desperation,she loves her children very very much they have been miserable being in a country they don't belong.

Anonymous said...

This was an abduction, criminal offence. We have courts to decide who does what.

Anonymous said...

That 60 Minutes crew should be charged as an accessory to the crime.
There is no excuse to bash women, steal children from one biological parent for the other. I hope the Australian Government do not do any deals to have the reporters released.

Anonymous said...

Ha, it's amazing that this is being called kidnapping! They kidnapped the children from their mother idiots!!! She was desperately trying to get them back. Imagine how she felt. Imagine how she cried for the kids. Of course grandmother didn't think of that as she sits their crying. What, she thinks she has more right to raise them? Typical selfish grandmother. Don't think daddy is raising them. Selfish!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wasn’t it done in a normal legal way by the Attorney General’s Dept – Australian Central Authority, instead of reaching for an illegal means of kidnapping? After all there is a ‘child welfere/custody agreement with Lebanon: Other question: did DFAT issue an “emergency passport” for those kids before the attempted kidnaping and did they know about it? UN CCPR 2279/2013.