Sunday, April 24, 2016

It’s time for Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide

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As Germany did with the Holocaust, Turkey should finally admit its responsibility in the Armenian Genocide. Or should be forced to do it.

Germany was able to admit its responsibility in the Jewish Holocaust, and the mass murder of so many others, because the Nazis were defeated during World War II and their ideology crushed. But this didn’t happen in Turkey. Even after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, responsible for the Great Crime (Medz Yeghern), as Armenians call the Genocide.

Turkish racial supremacist ideology took different names and faces over the years, and is still very much striving. The refusal to recognize the Armenian Genocide, the current war against the Kurds and the (not so) secret support of Daech – responsible for the mass murder of Arab Christians, Assyrians and Yazidis – clearly prove it.

Moreover, there are videos going around on the Internet denying the Armenian Genocide (video below – Caution: despite its 'educational' look and tone of voice the following video is stating controversial facts as truths and could offend Genocide victims and survivors families). If they were the work of a few nutcases, it wouldn't be a real issue. One can never stop every fanatic out there from ranting. But genocide denial seems to be Turkey’s official policy. And that’s unacceptable.

You don’t justify the killing of a million and a half people, men, women and children with some shady historical narrative. Even if what this video is stating were not lies – and that’s a huge if – nothing can justify such horror. Nothing can justify deportation and mass murder. Nothing.

What are world governments waiting for? Why is no one forcing Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide? What are Europe and the Unites States doing? Why are they so complaisant with the Erdogan regime? Why is Turkey sill part of NATO? Why are there no sanctions against it?

Sobbing speeches and a few tears here and there can’t hide the utter hypocrisy of world leaders. And both the American and European peoples should loudly say to their governments that it’s no longer acceptable to shake hands and do business with Turkey until it finally recognizes the Armenian Genocide.