Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Lebanese Government Comedy Club & the Mosquito Invasion

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The Lebanese government should get a comedy award. Its members have created a new brand of comedy that keeps surprising us at every turn. It should be called: “surreal statements comedy” and labeled the most hilariously tragedy in the world.

After our Health minister gave us his historical advice: “To avoid the spread of viruses, kiss only when necessary”, now comes the best statement ever from our Environment minister. He tweeted today: “With the heat, there’s an increased number of mosquitoes in the littoral zone in scattered waves, it's advised to avoid swallowing and inhaling mosquitoes.”

One last advice to my fellow Lebanese, don’t laugh with your mouth open, you may just swallow one.

> UPDATE: looks like the Environment minister has deleted the tweet
Maybe because he has a better one in store. Looking forward to another big laugh.

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