Friday, April 15, 2016

The slow murder of Beirut’s soul

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Beirut’s soul is slowly being murdered. The systematic destruction of old traditional houses is the very emblem of that crime against the Lebanese capital.

Between Geitawi and Rmeil, next to St Georges Hospital, on a hill facing Beirut's port, there were a century’s old house. One of these beautiful traditional houses that gave Beirut its indisputable charm. Sadly, it was abandoned many years ago. A man – a natour – was living there with his family, along with a few chickens and a donkey!

This house was in terrible shape. Nevertheless, it could have been fixed and renovated. But someone has decided to destroy it and replace it with a small parking lot. Perhaps the land will soon be sold to some construction company that will build yet another ugly narrow building, divided into “functional” flats with ridiculously high rent.

Beirut’s soul is being murdered everyday in front of our eyes. It is time we do something about it, is it not? Maybe vote wisely in the next municipal elections? 

Photos by Gab Ferneiné