Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What have they done to Dima Al-Wawi?

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Dima Al-Wawi is a 12 years old Palestinian girl. She was just released from an Israeli prison. Look at her eyes and ask: what have they done to her?

What do you see when you look at Dima Al-Wawi’s eyes? What was she subjected to, how was she treated, did she really confess? Look at her eyes and ask: how many children are imprisoned in Israel? How can anyone with a shred of humanity accept such a violation to the rights of children?

Each year, between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are arrested by Israeli soldiers

In an article published by The Guardian in 2012, Harriet Sherwood wrote: “Between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are arrested by Israeli soldiers each year, mostly accused of throwing stones. Since 2008, Defence for Children International (DCI) has collected sworn testimonies from 426 minors detained in Israel's military justice system. Their statements show a pattern of night-time arrests, hands bound with plastic ties, blindfolding, physical and verbal abuse, and threats. About 9% of all those giving affidavits say they were kept in solitary confinement (…) Few parents are told where their children have been taken. Minors are rarely questioned in the presence of a parent, and rarely see a lawyer before or during initial interrogation. Most are detained inside Israel, making family visits very difficult."

Human rights violation

"Human rights organisations say these patterns of treatment – which are corroborated by a separate study, No Minor Matter, conducted by an Israeli group, B'Tselem – violate the international convention on the rights of the child, which Israel has ratified, and the fourth Geneva convention. Most children maintain they are innocent of the crimes of which they are accused, despite confessions and guilty pleas, said Gerard Horton of DCI. But, he added, guilt or innocence was not an issue with regard to their treatment."

Dima Al-Wawi upon her arrest by masked soldiers

They confess simply to get out of solitary confinement 

"We're not saying offences aren't committed – we're saying children have legal rights. Regardless of what they're accused of, they should not be arrested in the middle of the night in terrifying raids, they should not be painfully tied up and blindfolded sometimes for hours on end, they should be informed of the right to silence and they should be entitled to have a parent present during questioning. (…) Solitary confinement breaks the spirit of a child. Children say that after a week or so of this treatment, they confess simply to get out of the cell."

Dima Al-Wawi upon her release ten weeks after her arrest

Dima Al-Wawi's eyes

French singer Renaud wrote: "Question d'histoire d'abord / Où est la Palestine ? / Sous quelle botte étoilée ? / Derrière quels barbelés ? / Sous quel champ de ruines ? / Question d'histoire encore / Combien de victimes / Combien milliers d'enfants / Dans les décombres des camps / Deviendront combattants ?"
First a question about history / Where's Palestine? / Under which starry boot? / Behind which barbed wires? / Into which fields of ruins? / Again a question about history / How many victims? / How many thousands of children / Into the rubble of the camps / Will become fighters?

Is the answer in Dima Al-Wawi’s eyes?


Unknown said...

There are Palestinian children who are murderers. Knives, scissors, stones. They are not to be blamed and neither is Israel.
Their parents are to be blamed.

Fouad said...

Shut up please,just shut up.

alaa hamoudah said...

Really shut up ur month and open your eyes for reality plzz

The Art of Saba Bushnaq said...

People like you should be blamed, you're too afraid to leave your name. There is no way on earth a human being can justify what they do to children!!

The Art of Saba Bushnaq said...

You an dthe Israeli mentality and all who support it have the same justifications. How do you live with your selves?!?! If this is OK to you then you're not human!! Maybe that's another justification for you! I can't believe that in this day and age there are people who are still blind to what Israel is doing.

Nawfal said...

@Unknown I dont blame you brother. you have a freedom of speech. Hate is conceived through media mostly. But I would genuinely ask you to consider and reflect on this. Lets just say you have a kid be it a girl for this case. lets say on a random night a group of people take your kid, tie her up and blindfold her and take her away, and isolate her. easy right. you dont know what they could have easily done to her maybe since you dont know where she is. but then she gets released and you see her in that state. My first question to you brother would be just please let us know how you would feel. Then you post this on a blog similar to this one and there is that one comment saying she is a murderer or this and that and you are to be blamed.

I would recommend you to do a research on the number of Palestinians people killed and Israelis killed in the last ten years only and please produce a number to support your evidence. Brother you would be amazed.

God bless you and your family. I wish you the best in your life.

Anonymous said...

Le crime n'est-il pas aussi d'envoyer des enfants se battre ? La société palestinienne et la société israélienne sont malades.

Unknown said...

Very sad story. Poor little girl...she is an adult now...too soon.

Anonymous said...

comment la societe palestinienne peut elle controler ses enfants soumis à ces abus quotidiens? Comment peut tu pointer du doigt la societe palestinienne? existe t-il toujours une societe palestinienne? Il faut plutot utiliser le terme de prison palestinienne. Tu n'as qu'a regarder la carte geographique et tu comprendras si c'est vraiment une societe. Je ne comprends pas comment les gens israeliens ou non n'arrivent toujours pas a voir la verite. c'est fou. Justice will prevail one day, in this ilfe or in the afterlife. the palestinians will get justice and the israelis along with all the people that support them, will certainly get what they deserve... MARK MY WORDS