Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The election campaigns in Beirut and the silence of the lambs

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Prior to the municipal elections in Beirut, we are witnessing two types of campaigns: one that proposes solutions and discusses them in open forums, and one that slaughters lambs on the pavement.

Before announcing my final stand on the issue, I leave you with these 3 pictures that sum up quite nicely the different choices Beirutis have on election day.

While the independent citizens list ‘Beirut Madinati’ and the left wing list spearheaded by Charbel Nahas ‘Citizens within a State’ are working hard to discuss and debate proposals and ideas, ‘The Beirutis List’ that represents the March 8-March 14 alliance plays on emotions, sectarianism and the cult of personality.

The latter seem to favor lamb slaughtering on the pavement in honor of their leader, over rational and constructive debates about the future of the Lebanese capital.

Beirut Madinati 
(Source: Facebook)

Citizens within a State 
(Source: Facebook)

The Beirutis List
(Source: Facebook)