Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Over 600 dogs and cats are facing starvation. Can you help save them?

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500 dogs and 150 cats are facing starvation. Why? Because BETA – Beirut for the ethical treatment of animals can’t afford to feed them any longer. Your help is urgently needed.

Over the years, BETA – Beirut for the ethical treatment of animals, Lebanon’s first animal shelter in Lebanon, has rescued and cared for thousands of stray and abused dogs and cats. But BETA exists solely on the kindness of people’s donations, adoptions and assistance. Sadly, donations have become scarce and today BETA can’t afford to feed them any longer.

On their Facebook page, BETA has launched a desperate appeal: “Our shelter, the only official refuge in the country caring for hundreds of dogs and cats, is facing one of its biggest challenges to date: In 10 days, our animals will starve! This is the ugly truth; with 500 dogs and 150 cats to feed every month (which requires the amount of $10.000/month), the animals are faced with the risk of starvation if we do not pay our food provider who has been patient for too long!”

They explained why the situation has become so critical:
"- Scarce donations due to the political turmoil in the region and due to the fact that animals are still seen as a secondary issue that can be looked into once there's more stability in the country.
- People forgetting all about the animal they rescue once they feel he/she's safe, and the shelter becoming a dumping ground.
- The big number of animals (amounting to 650) who require medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, defleaing and food...
- The number of adoption requests decreasing with the rise of new groups who have very low adoption standards.
The situation is critical, and the same animals we have taken a vow to protect and care for might face a horrific fate if we do not come up with $40.000 within the next 10 days."

While $40.000 seems like a very large number and somewhat impossible to gather in such short notice, it’s actually feasible. It can be achieved if every animal lover or pet owner in Lebanon donate just a few dollars. Saving animals is yet another proof of our humanity. So I urge you to not let these 500 dogs and 150 cats starve to death.

Every dollar counts in such a desperate situation. You can donate anything you can afford to BETA’s fund: 

But if you prefer to donate food, you can leave it at Petsville, Hazmieh (near Station Jabbour, Floor -2, Abi Aad Roastery Building, Hobeika Street, HAZMIEH, Mar Takla, Baabda, LEBANON. Phone number: 05 – 452975)

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