Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yes, there's still compassion in Lebanon

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Lebanese are selfish, they only look for their own best interest, totally oblivious of others, especially the needy. Or so the cliché goes. This stunt by MBC proves the opposite.

An old man is stealing food in a supermarket. He does it because he has no money to pay for said food. He gets caught, but many customers are moved and offer to pay for the goods he was trying to steal.

Sadly, it’s the reality in today’s Lebanon, where over a third of the Lebanese population lives under the poverty line, while most politicians have amassed fortunes. As one of the supermarket’s customers says in defense of the old man: “the country is full of thieves, stealing food to eat is not theft.”

Many were so moved by the old man’s situation, they could barely conceal their tears.

The outcome of this stunt shows that there’s still compassion in this country. And despite their many shortcomings, Lebanese can be kind, generous and helpful to people in need.