Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blood is red everywhere, is it not?

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Everyone in the West say they’re at war with terrorism. They say they want to defeat it, crush it, eradicate it, but they don’t seem to care about most of its victims.

According to mainstream western media, and to most people living in Europe and the US, terrorism is only a tragedy if it happens in certain countries. But it’s totally fine if it happens some place else.

In other words, if terrorist attacks were only happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, no one would declare a “war on terror”, no one would care about Daech, about al-Qaeda or about the Taliban. There would be no “Je suis”, no #PrayFor, no tears, and no outrage.

The recent suicide attack on a hospital in Pakistan “which killed at least 70 people and wounded more than 100, has renewed the debate over how the West mourns certain tragedies”, The Independent wrote.

“After the bombing many people took to social media to lament the amount of attention the attack received. Some asked why the world wasn't showing solidarity with Pakistan, as it has with other countries that have recently suffered terror attacks.”

The July 27 Daech car bomb in Qamishli (northeast of Syria) that killed 44 people and wounded over 140 didn't get better media coverage, let alone sympathy hashtags on social media.

How little the West cares about people in these parts is perfectly illustrated by France's actions after the latest attacks on its soil. The french government didn’t find anything better to do than to order airstrikes against alleged terrorist targets in Syria and Iraq. One of these airstrikes, by the "international coalition", hit a school in al-Tukhar in Syria, killing 85 civilians.

Deach wouldn’t have done a better job…

When people in third-world countries are killed by terrorists, they’re a random number on the evening news, a mere statistic; and if they’re killed by western missiles, they’re called “collateral damage”.

Before aiming to reform “western Islam”, as many in Europe want to, the West would be wise to reform its absurd foreign policy. Stop being so friendly towards governments that support and finance radical Islam and jihadist groups would be a good start.

Most importantly, people in the West should show a little compassion for victims of terrorism in other parts of the world. Terrorists don’t see a difference between Arabs and Europeans, Asians and Americans. They would kill anyone anywhere to impose their sickening ideology. No one, nowhere, is truly safe.

It’s about time we realize that we are all on the same boat. That the pain felt in Paris, Orlando or Brussels is the same in Syria, Iraq or Pakistan. Blood is red everywhere, is it not?

It’s also time we understand that terrorism can only be defeated if we all stand together. If Arab, Asian and African victims are also mourned in Paris, London and New York. As European and American victims are, throughout the Muslim world.