Friday, August 12, 2016

The kind of debate about Islam we long to see in Europe

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Is Kuwaiti TV more open to debate about Islam than most European channels? When we watch the following video, we can wonder if that’s really the case.

Europeans are so completely entrenched in political correctness, they fail to properly address publicaly some crucial issues, like radical Islam. Everyone is afraid of being called islamophobic. Actually, everyone is afraid of being called anything.

Even though the West is engaged in what can only be described as racist wars in the Middle East, even thought its attitude towards victims of terrorism fluctuates depending on where these victims are slaughtered – tears and outrage in some countries, not a care in the world in others – it wants to portray a friendly image to its Muslim population, mainly for opportunistic electoral reasons.

Anyone actually pointing out the real issues of radical Islam is being harassed and insulted. French-speaking Algerian journalist Kamel Daoud has “announced to the world that he is giving up his newspaper work and will focus on fiction, the BBC reported. “Why? Because of the frenzied reaction to a piece he wrote in Le Monde, in which "the far the greater part of his anger was directed at the "naive" political left, who in his view deliberately ignore the cultural gulf separating the Arab-Muslim world from Europe.”

All the while, leading French philosopher Michel Onfray “has decided to withdraw the planned publication of a critical essay on Islam claiming that no debate is possible in the country”, reported. Why? Because he pointed out the exact same issues Kuwaiti activists did on Al-Shahed TV.

“During a TV debate dedicated to the engagement of Arab youth with ISIS and other terror organizations, liberal activists Nasser Dashti and Ayed Al-Manna clashed with Islamic sheikhs Abdallah Al-Hamdan and Khaled Al-Sultan”, MEMRI TV wrote on its Facebook page.

Liberal activists Dashti and Al-Manna argued "that although the Islamic scholars repeatedly emphasized that they do not support ISIS, their statements are in line with ISIS ideology. Dashti concluded that the time has come to remove religion from public life in the Arab world and to confine it to the private sphere.”

The show aired last July on the Kuwaiti Al-Shahed TV.