Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obscenity is in the eye of the beholder

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Two girls kissing is not obscenity. It’s beauty. Like any act of love. Regardless of how long this love lasts. Obscenity is elsewhere. Obscenity is everywhere, around us, on TV, in the streets, in politics, and of course on the Internet.

Lebanese tabloid website Lebanon Files has published voyeur photos of two women kissing in Kfaradiba public beach under the headline: “Obscenity season ends on Lebanon’s seashore… Two girls exchange kisses”.

Perhaps the guy who wrote that headline only knows girl-on-girl porn, where overinflated bimbos lick it each other to satisfy men’s libido. Perhaps he doesn’t know what obscenity actually means.

Ignorance is not bliss, so let’s help him get out of his: love between two women – or between any two consenting adults – is not obscenity. But a yearlong ongoing garbage crisis definitely is.

Not having a president for two and a half years is obscenity. So is haggling over who’s going to sit in Baabda and who’s going to stand in the Grand Serail, as if the Lebanese Republic was some rug on sale in an old Cairo souk, or a pie that can be divided and devoured.

Cancelling elections is obscenity. Parliament renewing twice its own mandate is obscenity. So are sectarianism, racism, domestic violence, marital rape, a 2 years old girl killed by celebratory gunfire, institutional corruption, a 70 billion dollars dept, 2 million refugees for 4.3 million Lebanese, sex rings using and abusing some of these refugees, lavish marriages while one third of the population lives below poverty line and the rest can barely feed their families.

All these, taken separately or put together, could be awarded a Guinness world record for absolute obscenity.

Come to think of it, the girls in the photo were kissing in Kfaradiba, the breathtaking public beach the Lebanese government wants to turn into a private luxury resort. Makes you wonder what’s more obscene, a loving embrace or the theft of what’s left of Lebanon’s public seashore.

For Lebanon Files and most people in this overly bigot and hypocrite country of ours, a lesbian kiss is worse than everything. It’s evil incarnate.

So keep kissing girls, maybe politicians and promoters would be afraid of your obscenity, run away and leave the Kfaradiba beach alone, to be enjoyed by everyone, as it always was and always should be.

© Claude El Khal, 2016

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Mi said...

Concise and well said. Merci !