Friday, February 3, 2017

Deport Superman, he's an illegal immigrant!

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He entered the United States illegally when he was a child. A liberal couple hid him and raised him as their own son without proper adoption papers. He grew up under a fake name then started working under an assumed identity. Superman broke every US immigration law there is and should be deported immediately.

His home planet was on the verge of destruction, so his parents put him on a ship and sent him to a faraway place, a bit like a Syrian or Iraqi child. His ship entered US airspace illegally and undetected, then crashed in a field next to a respectable Middle American town. His name was Kal El.

A liberal childless couple found him, hid him and raised him as their own, without going through proper adoption channels. They concealed his true identity and gave him a fake name: Clark Kent. To be able to put him through school, then college, the Kent family had to resort to forged papers.

When he grew up, Kal El moved to the city and started working, under his Clack Kent assumed identity, as a reporter with The Daily Planet newspaper – a job taken away from a good law-abiding God-fearing American citizen.

He wasn’t even a good reporter as he used to vanish during work hours to indulge in secret activities, dressed in gender-deviant colorful tights. During these secret activities, he used unnatural powers to undermine both police and armed forces.

He took advantage of the naive and leftist journalist Lois Lane, unlawfully married her, and used her to feed the nation with fake news, falsely presenting his criminal activities as selfless heroic actions.

To show his disdain to the average working man, he called himself Superman.

He went after the successful entrepreneur Lex Luthor and strived to put him out of business, subsequently driving thousand of US citizens to unemployment and poverty. He lured criminals with scary names like Bizarro, Zod and Doomsday into the Unites States, and caused considerable damage to public and private property while fighting them.

Kal El is not only an illegal alien that committed many crimes such as forgery, identity theft and destruction of property; he also endangered public safety and threatened homeland security.

I’m confident President Trump will do what needs to be done for this so-called Superman to be arrested and deported without delay. While he’s at it, he should check out an army nurse called Diana Prince, the rumor says she’s also an illegal immigrant that indulges in secret anti-American activities under the alias Wonder Woman.

© Claude El Khal, 2017