Sunday, June 4, 2017

Terror attacks in London while Home Office suppresses report into funding of jihadi groups

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Last night in London was a nightmare. 7 people have been killed and over 48 injured in terrorist attacks on London Bridge and in nearby Borough Market.

"A white van hit pedestrians on London Bridge at about 22:00 BST on Saturday before three men got out and stabbed people in nearby Borough Market", the BBC reported.

A witness told the BBC: "They were running up shouting, 'This is for Allah.' They stabbed this girl maybe 10 times, 15 times". The attackers were later shot dead by the police.

This is the third terrorist attack in the UK in three months, following the car and knife attack in Westminster in March, which left 5 people dead, and the Manchester suicide bombing less than two weeks ago, in which 22 people, including children, were killed.

Yet, on May 31, The Guardian wrote: "An investigation into the foreign funding and support of jihadi groups that was authorised by David Cameron may never be published, the Home Office has admitted."

Why? Because it's "thought to focus on Saudi Arabia, which has repeatedly been highlighted by European leaders as a funding source for Islamist jihadis."

Last December, a leaked report from Germany’s federal intelligence service accused "several Gulf groups of funding religious schools and radical Salafist preachers in mosques, calling it a long-term strategy of influence."

In 2010, BBC Panorama found out that more than forty UK-based Saudi part-time schools were teaching the official Saudi national curriculum to more than 5000 pupils. This curriculum teaches the most extreme form of Islam, raising an entire generation of British Muslims on Wahhabism, the ideology that gave birth to Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Despite all that,"the UK recently approved £3.5bn worth of arms export licences to Saudi Arabia", The Independent reports. So did France with arms licenses worth 18 billion dollars. And so did the US during Donald Trump's visit to the Saudi kingdom in May. 

According to CNBC, the US and Saudi Arabia sealed a weapons deal “worth nearly $110 billion immediately, $350 billion over 10 years".

France, the UK and the US have been the target of several jihadi attacks on their soil in the past couple of years. Many people have died and many more injured. Their governments were well aware of the damning reports pointing at Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, but did nothing.

Until when the British, the French and the American peoples are going to turn a blind eye on their governments hypocritical behavior towards countries that have been proven to support and finance jihadi groups?

Until when they’re going to accept to randomly die while their governments keep protecting the sponsors of radical Islam, calling them "moderate" and "allies", and selling them tons of weapons?

Until when they’re going to be satisfied with the odd bombing on some Daesh base in Syria or Iraq instead of demanding proper and decisive measures against the known sponsors of jihadis in Europe, the Unites Sates and around the world?

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Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images