Short Films


Cannes Film Festival 2010 - Short Film Corner.

Comedy (2009) Written & Directed by Claude El Khal. Produced by Zoé Productions. Starring: Stéphane Tellier, Karim Ghorayeb. DOP: Marc Karam. Editor: Sebastien Leclercq. Music: Khaled Mouzanar

Full of enthusiasm and hope, a young Lebanese filmmaker, script in hand, knocks on the door of an "international" producer to pitch his film project.


Psychological Drama (2004) Written & Directed by Claude El Khal. Starring: Sandra Chidiac, Laya Rahman. DOP : Muriel Aboulouss. Editor : Rania Ghosn.

"The title Beau Rivage is taken from the name of the hotel that served from the late 80s and until 2005, as the Syrian intelligence headquarters in West Beirut (...) Beau Rivage offers a haunting and evocative metaphor." (from CinemaEast Film Festival New York)


Black Comedy (1998) Written & Directed by Claude El Khal. Starring: Jon Whiting, Tessa Brown, Peter Karl Burgess, Christopher Joseph John, Lawrence Belgrave, Georgia Zaris.

Georges & Junior are following a young woman carrying a suitcase. They are planning to kill her and record the murder on their camcorder. But...